St. Bernards Medical Center


St. Bernards Medical Center is a 440-bed acute-care hospital in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
Established in 1900, the hospital is the flagship facility of its non-profit parent, St. Bernards
Healthcare. St. Bernards Medical Center (SBMC) is the only Level III trauma center in the
region and houses the only Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the eastern part of

St. Bernards Healthcare, anchored by its flagship facility, St. Bernards Medical Center, is
located in Jonesboro, AR. St. Bernards Healthcare is also the parent organization for St.
Bernards CrossRidge Community Hospital in Wynne and St. Bernards Five Rivers Medical
Center in Pocahontas, as well as provides management to Lawrence Memorial Hospital in
Walnut Ridge. The region is home to adjacent Arkansas State University (ASU) and several
junior and technical colleges. A medical school is located on the campus of ASU through an
affiliation with NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine.

St Bernards participates in clinical trials for oncology, cardiovascular disease, electrophysiology,
immunology and gastroenterology. There is a dedicated research department housed in the
Medical Center.

Quick Facts

St. Bernards Healthcare serves as a regional referral center for 23 counties in
northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri. The 23 counties provide a catchment area of
approximately 650,000 residents.

The Delta of Northeast Arkansas has among the lowest rankings for overall health of all
counties in the State. Craighead County has an obesity rate of 40% and a physical inactivity
rate of 33%1, higher than the average for the state.

St. Bernards provides medical care to the impoverished Delta region, with residents that
experience high rates of diabetes, lung disease, cardiac disease and cancer.

The site is a premier destination for clinical research, offering the following:

St. Bernards Medical Center is a major referral hospital offering advanced technology and
medical services across four centers of excellence: Heart Care, Cancer Treatment, Women’s
and Children’s Services, and Senior Services. St. Bernards invests significant resources to bring
advanced services, treatments and surgery techniques to their patients.

St. Bernards has an Internal Medicine Residency Program which is currently graduating its fifth
class of residents. Additionally, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in
Little Rock, AR has a family practice residency program that is adjacent to SBMC. These two
programs graduate healthcare providers who are eager to participate in research.

The hospital possesses clinical and research equipment such as:

St. Bernards Medical Center has two divisions of research inclusive of oncology and non-
oncology research.

The Ben E Owens Cancer Center is the site of the Cancer Research division. This division
collaborates with TRIO-US (UCLA) to offer clinical trials locally.
The second research division at SBMC is specific to non-oncology trials. This division focuses
on immunology, cardiac, and vascular care.

St. Bernards has access to cardiac and vascular invasive and non-invasive testing and
intervention. A full service clinical laboratory is available alongside a pharmacy department that
is well-versed in research.

The SBMC Research Department (non-oncology) is located at 1150 E. Matthews, Jonesboro,
AR. This department serves as a site for research patient follow-up visits, with FDA-approved
file security in a secure, double-locked facility. The department also hosts a clinical reference

A spotlight at some of the hospital’s amenities:

The main medical campus houses multiple centers of excellence, state-of-the-art inpatient and
outpatient surgical services, the Heart & Vascular Center, the Ben E. Owens Cancer Center,
and a busy Women’s and Children division.

St. Bernards has four cardiac and peripheral catheterization labs, two electrophysiology labs,
two hybrid ORs, a large GI and Broch suite with four rooms, Interventional Radiology services,
an outpatient infusion center housed in the cancer center, and clinical lab and pathology
services. St. Bernards is a level III Trauma Center and is home to the only neonatal intensive
care unit in the region.

St Bernards Healthcare has a number of relationships with other hospitals in neighboring
communities and offers support to those facilities. St. Bernards also has multiple outpatient
medical clinics in both Jonesboro and the surrounding 23 communities. This network provides
support to our community and allows SBMC to offer care to a diverse and geographically wide


Telemedicine equipment is available for patients who are unable to travel, and an EMR is used
to record patient information. Remote EMR access is available.

Research Staff

Whitney Lumpkin
Research Billing and Contracts Manager
A Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC) designated Certified Research Administrator.
Kayla Rubino
RN, Research Manager (non-oncology)
Has served on multiple cardiac and vascular clinical trials.
Carmen Smith
APRN, Research Coordinator
Experienced in clinical research as well as in departmental management.
Amber Moon
RN, OCN, CCRP Oncology Research Manager,
Has experience in multiple oncology clinical trials including the SBMC TRIO-US clinical trial site.

This hospital has the following clinical equipment:

Cardiac Cath labs
Clinical laboratory
CT scanner
Home sleep technology
PET scanner
Non-invasive cardiac & vascular department
Remote patient monitoring
Telemedicine units