UAMS – Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute


UAMS – Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute is the leading and premier cancer center in the state of Arkansas and one of the best in the nation. As the major academic medical center of the state, the site consists of a high influx of patients that can be attributed to the rurality of the state of Arkansas. The hospital’s extensive patient navigation initiative helps to reach patients that are in more rural areas that were previously less accessible. In 2021, UAMS received a $18.9 million grant from the NIH to support research and interventions to focus on reducing cancer and cardiovascular disease disparities among people who live in rural areas and African American populations, indicating their prowess in research capabilities. In addition, UAMS is currently part of a multi-year initiative to apply for National Institutes of Health (NIH) NCI designation.

Unique to UAMS is a partnership with Baptist Health. The first UAMS Baptist Health Cancer Center is now open on the campus of Baptist Health Medical Center in North Little Rock. This allows for the full spectrum of cancer research, diagnostic, and treatment services available at UAMS’ Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute to be brought closer to patients.  The center is staffed by a team of oncologists, nurses, and radiation therapists from UAMS. It provides medical oncology, infusion, and radiation therapy services. With more than 90 oncologists, surgeons, and cancer specialists, UAMS provides the most advanced diagnostic testing and treatment for over 30 cancer types.

Quick Facts

  • 51.87% Female (50.92% Arkansas)
  • 62.2% White, 31.46 % Black (77.31% White, 15.45% Black Arkansas)
  • 9.93% uninsured (10.64% Arkansas)
Age 0-4

North Little Rock6.86%17.15%8.89%14.96%12.94%12.77%12.66%13.77%
Arkansas6.39% 17.31%9.62%13.02%12.34% 12.8%12.54%15.99%

Health Outcomes:

  • 14.85% of the population report at least one disability
  • Breast cancer incidence rate of 123.8 (per 100k) compared to 114.7 Arkansas, worse for Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic subgroups
  • Prostate cancer incidence rate of 154.8 (per 100k) compared to 115.9 Arkansas, worse for Black subgroups

UAMS is a premier destination for clinical research, offering the following:

  • Experienced team of 38 PIs, with a range between 6-12 years of experience
  • 61 trials currently open to enrollment, with a majority comprised of novel therapeutics and advanced trials
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) trained study staff, ensuring strict adherence and compliance to protocols and governing regulations.
  • Staff well-versed in data management software such as iMedidata, Inform, Oracle, RedCap, BMS TAO, Endpoint and Bioclinica
  • On-site, local IRB (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences IRB)
  • High level of flexibility and adaptability measures are in place, including remote monitoring
    • Site selection visits, site initiation visit, and monitoring visit are all being conducted remotely at this time.
  • Regular communication with Medical Science Liaisons results in its high involvement in innovative and pivotal clinical trials
  • Timely execution of study startup activities as evidenced by 90 days from IRB submission to trial launch
  • Extensive patient navigator program that reaches patients in rural areas, increasing patient diversity and access to previously unreachable catchment area
  • Robust academic medical center, replete with highly trained research staff, top notch administrative managers, contracts and IT support, and access to linkage institutions

The hospital possesses clinical and research equipment such as:

  • nCoup Software-web based IDS for drug accountability.
  • Room temperature storage
  • Refrigerator storage
  • Freezer storage (-20 and -80 freezers)
  • Calibrated min/max monitor on refrigerators and freezers-recorded manually daily
  • Controlled substance double-lock storage
  • Negative pressure room with biologic cabinet and sterile preparation space for hazardous drug preparation
  • Sterile preparation space for non-hazardous drug preparation
  • Separate viral preparation area
  • In-house cell therapy labs and dedicated research pharmacy.

A spotlight at some of the hospital’s amenities:

  • Number of clinic exam rooms: 75
  • Number of clinic consultation rooms: 19
  • The site has access to an in-house CLIA-certified clinical (cell therapy) laboratory.
  • Appropriately validated and calibrated temperature monitoring equipment.
  • Research dedicated pharmacy


  • Electronic IRB system.
  • Electronic systems for financial and legal management
  • EMR-Epic
  • BEACON-oncology module within Epic that houses all our research treatment plans
  • AR-CRIS-electronic clinical trials management system


Highlighted Principal Investigators

Michael Birrer, M.D., Ph.D,
Vice Chancellor and Director
Dr. Michael James Birrer is a Full Member of the Cancer Biology research program at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. His research focuses on the prevention, treatment, informatics, detection, carcinogenesis, and diagnosis/prognosis of cancer. He has conducted extensive research on the genomic basis for ovarian cancer and has developed a number of innovative treatments for the disease. In addition to his work at the university, Dr. Birrer is also the Vice Chancellor and Director of the WPR Cancer Institute. He is a highly respected authority on cancer research and has authored numerous papers on the topic.

This hospital has the following clinical equipment:

Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspirate